Mastervolt ChargeMaster 12/10

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With the ChargeMaster series, you can make the most of your batteries. Just plug it in and load it anywhere in the world. Mastervolt’s ChargeMaster guarantees fast and complete recharge of your batteries no matter where you are. Thanks to Mastervolt’s innovative 3-stage charging process, the batteries have higher performance and last longer.

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• For recreational and semi-professional use.
Suitable for any type of battery, including Lithium Ion batteries.
3-Step+ charging technology for fast and complete charging, also charges depleted batteries.
Memory function prevents overcharging in case of unreliable mains.
Safe and complete charging due to standard safety features.
Charging capacity up to 1000 Ah.
Easy to connect and quick to install.
Can charge multiple battery banks simultaneously.
Built-in system functionality (MasterBus) in combination with other Mastervolt products.
Clear control panel.
Supplies your system without battery.

Charging your batteries with every voltage

The Mastervolt ChargeMaster supplies a maximum capacity wherever you are via auto-ranging. Auto-ranging ensures perfect fully automatic operation anywhere in the world, regardless of the available mains voltage (90-265 V AC, 50 or 60 Hz). The 3-step+ charging technology guarantees fast and complete charging, while the cos phi 1-regulation gets the most out of limited generator capacity.

Robust Connections

Solid metal-to-metal connectors equipped with strain relief prevent corrosion and overheating.

Charging multiple battery banks

The ChargeMaster series has three equal charge outputs. Those of the smaller ChargeMaster models are pre-installed with two metres of cable for a plug & play solution, while the heavier models have one full output (for example for your service battery) and two outputs of 10 A, ideal for your starter batteries.

DC Power Supply

Even if the batteries are not connected, Mastervolt ChargeMaster battery chargers can provide a constant DC output allowing you to turn on lights or keep the fridge cold.